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Do you ever have a hard time deciding what to eat? Menus seems to have more options than you can ever imagine, and it’s difficult when there’s a shortage of pictures. At a new place, you run the risk of ordering something you’re not sure of, which might turn out to be a mistake!

Explore the NEW Swiper feature!

Most people who are hungry are indecisive or lack information on what’s good to eat in the area – Chowdr offers a solution. Chowdr allows users to curate their own visual restaurant menus with others in their community by sharing food pictures. It’s simple, take a photo of what you ordered at a restaurant, upload the photo and tell us how the meal was. Interact with other foodies on the app, get recommendations on your next delicious meal and continue to build your profile! If you see something you like on Chowdr, double-tap the photo and give the user some “emoji” love !

NOW you can browse photos on Chowdr using its NEWEST Swiper feature! Swipe RIGHT: you like the meal  . Swipe LEFT: you don’t have a taste for that meal . Chowdr’s artificial intelligence starts to learn what you like & don’t like the more you use the app. After a while, Chowdr will eventually understand your taste better than anyone you know! You will be able to discover what to eat faster and have a better eating experience. Imagine you’re out of town at an unfamiliar place, and Chowdr recommends you a meal at a restaurant you’re almost sure to love. Pretty cool, right?! Download the app TODAY so Chowdr can start bettering your dining experience!

In this series, we’re going on a hunt for the top sandwich stops in the SF Bay Area. The art of the sandwich is serious business, and we are going to highlight some of the best we can find in the bay for this series of posts. Your lunch break will never be the same if we do this right. Starting with…

The MAD BUM, from Ike’s Place

This sandwich is truly something to be reckoned with, just like it’s apt namesake. The Mad Bum from Ike’s is a simple roast beef sandwich – taken to the next level with some seriously amazing #habanero sauce.

Don’t be shy of the habanero – this sauce is just the right balance of sweet and savory that you won’t need to hit the refill on your drink just to get some relief. It really brings out the flavor of the habanero without punishing on the heat.

Definitely go for it on a dutch crunch roll – the glazed sugar coat on the dutch crunch complements the sauce very well. The standard fixin’s on this sandwich comes with tomato – but even as a big tomato lover, this sandwich relishes in the simplicity of a few ingredients (roast beef, lettuce, and sauce) that I think it’s better without the tomato.

This particular pic is from Ike’s in Santa Clara, across from the University, but you can also find it at any other of the Ike’s places around the bay. { display: flex; flex-direction: row; justify-content: space-around; align-items: center; flex-wrap: wrap; } div { display: flex; width: 149px; flex: 0 0 149px; } div img { width: 149px; }
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How to share pictures on Chowdr

Use the "..." options menu to access the sharing features.

Announcing Chowdr Social Eating version 1.5, with brand new sharing features to help you broadcast and re-publish your foodies across the web! You can share a post straight to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and of course, Instagram right from your feed. If you run a blog, you can share a link directly to your profile or to one of your posts.

With this release we're also officially announcing the mobile web version of Chowdr Social Eating. You can access the app, straight from your web browser at The web app is fully featured, except to upload your food pics, you'll have to download the version from the App Store or Play Store. The experience is exclusively designed for mobile right now, but desktop support is in the pipeline for the hardcore foodies, food bloggers, and people surfing at work who want a full screen experience.



Here's some examples what you can do with the sharing features.

Sharing via Facebook

Sharing via Facebook

Tweeting a foodie

Tweeting a foodie

This is a link shared with the WordPress Content Cards plugin for your blog:

Have fun sharing your food and dining experiences and stay tuned for more exciting features coming up!

Upgraded Camera

What good is a photo sharing app without a good photo editor? In this latest update, Chowdr gets a major upgrade to the camera and picture editor for both iOS and Android. Thanks to the guys at 9elements for a great SDK. Take a look what the new camera can do with this picture of Thai curry:

Raw picture

After a some touching up


Don't let your food get cold trying to capture a perfectly exposed photo any more!

Notification settings


Get Notifications

Push notifications are another big addition included in this update. When someone @mentions you or comments on your post, get buzzed right away to keep the conversation alive! If you prefer not to get them, switch notifications on and off in the settings screen.


  Android Speed Up


We've put a lot of effort into speeding up the app startup time, especially on Android devices. For some people, it may have felt like a long time to launch, up to 10 seconds! Now, it should feel a lot quicker, closer to three to five seconds. We want you to focus on enjoying your self, not waiting for your phone to load!


What do you want?

What features to you want to see? We are already working on the next feature set, to make Chowdr a one-of-a-kind app for the social food lover. Do you want to see a better search? More ways to share? Messaging or dinner invites? Let us know on social media or in the comments!

You may know Hakkasan as a famous night club in Vegas, but what you probably don’t know is their dedication to serving delicate Cantonese cuisines ranging from Dim Sum to Grilled Sea Bass to Tofu and Vegetables. Hakkasan locations are well known in the United States with locations in: Miami, SF, and New York to name a few, as well as locations internationally: Dubai, London, Shanghai, and more.

Crispy Duck Salad with Pomegranate

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to try some great dishes at Hakkasan in San Francisco. We started with some small platters of dim sum, one of our favorites had to be the Lobster Dim Sum roll paired really nicely with our green tea. Now, usually, I am not a fan of mixing fruits with my salad but our Crispy Duck Salad mixed with a dash of pomegranates, pine nuts, and shallot surpassed all expectations.

If you’re ever looking for a beautiful place with superb customer service and friendly staff, check out this place. Check out my Hakkasan post here on Chowdr and see what other foodies around the city are recommending too!

In this latest update to the app, we’ve added comments to posts. Ask your fellow foodies where they found that delicious sushirito, or just how long to cook the eggs to get them to come out right in your ramen recipe. Or just chit chat about your favorite foods!

We hope this update brings you one step closer to your ideal social network for food. Let’s face it, good food is a key ingredient to a good life! Whatever we can do to make your dining experience more enjoyable, let us know in the comments.

Chowdr Social Eating 1.3 is available in the App Store and on Google Play. If you haven’t already, try it today!

A gorgeous art feast from @Courtno

Hi Foodies!

Chowdr app is approaching day 50 since launch. To celebrate, we're running the 1st in-app competition #Chowdr50, whoop whoop!  If you haven't noticed them, there are some power users leading the show. These top five have shared some great photos so far: AllYouKen from Sunnyvale, CA, Courtno, Amirsoburr, Christina.le and OldWineGuy all the way in Nashville, TN!

This chocolatey desert in Napa, CA is on 🔥

You know what to do for that growl you hear in your belly from time-to-time! Open Chowdr to browse through mouth-watering photos that will guide you to your next restaurant!


Win a $50 Gyft for snapping your meal!

Competition: Who can post the most #foodies in 10 days?!

Prize: The winner will receive a $50 Gyft card they can use at some of the best restaurants, like Yard House in San Jose's Santana Row.


  1. Install Chowdr Social Eating and post a #foodie with a place tagged.
  2. Tell everyone how you enjoyed the dish!
  3. Each in-app post gets +1 point.
  4. Repost on social media with tag #Chowdr50 or @ChowdrApp for +2 points.
  5. Race from Saturday, Oct. 1st through Monday, Oct. 10th (PT),
  6. The WINNER will be announced on Wednesday, Oct. 12th.

WARNING! We are NOT responsible for any sauce on your NEW iPhone 7!

Check back here during the week for standings and to see your score.

Spread the word about the competition to give your friends a chance to win too! If you haven’t already, download Chowdr Social Eating today.

We appreciate all of your support. Good luck in the "virtual eating" competition and we're excited to see your delicious pics!

download-button png

We love hearing feedback from all of our friends and family who use Chowdr. Coming from a small, but dedicated team, we all strive to improve the app and make it a fun adventure for everyone.

In this next update, we’re excited to bring you a couple additions that will improve everyone’s experience. Chowdr 1.2 is now available on the Play Store and the App Store.


  • Hashtags: Start grouping your photos together to create your collections!
    • #GetInMyBelly
    • #SharingIsCaring
    • #DinnerTime
    • #Sofrito (shoutout to our first food blogger)
  • Hashtag search: Search for food based on hashtags now. Just like the feed, you can sort by the newest posts or the closest posts, so if you’re looking for the closest #vegan food around, or the best #kebab, give the search a try.
  • Tagging: Want to share that mouth-watering picture with a friend? Let them know by @tagging them!

We wish to thank everyone for their encouraging support. Stay tuned for new features as Chowdr evolves into your goto app for delicious food cravings.


Steak Taco

Steak Taco from Chenchos, Homer Glen, Illinois
Posted by @Sneely

It’s been three weeks since our launch in August, and many new users have joined and posted some great foodies! If you follow us on Instagram, you can see some of the great content people have posted, from our home town in San Jose, to Nashville, New York, and Japan! Check out this delicious steak taco posted by @Sneely in Illinois.

Login with Facebook from iPhone6

Login with Facebook (iPhone6)

We’ve wanted to make the log-in process as well as finding your friends easier for everyone, so we’ve added the option to log-in with Facebook! For Facebook users, signing in is as simple as touching a button! After tapping the “Log in with Facebook” button to link your Facebook, create a unique Chowdr screen name and you’re in!

Settings screen

Existing users can link a Facebook account

Existing users can go to the settings screen to link their Facebook accounts, in case you want to log in with Facebook instead of a password in the future.

Finally, and most importantly for Android users, we’ve upgraded our app engine to use the Crosswalk SDK on Android to bring a better user experience across all of your devices. You’ll benefit from performance improvements on Samsung Galaxy phones, Amazon tablets, Nexus devices, and most other hardware, which make responses to touch faster and surfing through the app smoother. Users running older Android versions, including KitKat, will have better compatibility on their phone, in cases where some screens were rendering differently than they were designed to.

Download Chowdr: Social Eating today!

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Chowdr is a trademark of Creeatist Studios Inc. Android and KitKat are trademarks of Google Inc.

Hey everyone!

Your new app to find and share the best neighborhood food is out… and it’s live in the App Store and Google Play for a limited time! Give it a try, we want to see all the great food that you’re eating!

Discover exciting new dishes to try with the help of mouth-watering, “We have to get this right now!” pictures submitted by food lovers everywhere! From tacos to tuna tartare, Chowdr offers you the chance to find and share everything that pleases your palate!

Vietnamese eggrolls

Vietnamese eggrolls


1) Discover

Chowdr features a two-side feed that provides a unique way of discovering great food:

The New: This is a feed that offers the chance for people across the nation or ocean to share what their local cuisine is! While looking at this feed, you are looking at photos of local cuisine submitted by people around the world!

What’s Nearby: This feed is perfect for anyone who is looking for the closest thing possible! To help you decide what to get for dinner or dessert, browse through mesmerizing photos distinguished by their distance from you!

Oldwineguy's profile

Oldwineguy’s profile

2) Define

With the aim of helping people discover something amazing to eat, Chowdr is designed as a user-submitted platform to allow communities to define and share their vision of the delicious food in their area. People from all parts of the globe will be able to make their mark on the local food scene while also giving visitors a sneak peak into the most popular spots!

3) Decision

The most important goal of Chowdr is to help you make a decision! We hope to give people who are passionate about food a chance to share their vision of all the food they love and inspire others to try something new. Whether it’s what to eat right now or what to eat next time you visit San Francisco, you’re only one #foodie away from enjoying your next meal!

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Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. It's not about nutrients and calories. It's about sharing. It's about honesty. It's about identity.
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